We are super excited to tell you all about our new youth council, the real MVP’s of our gorgeous girl gang.

The Shona Project is for girls, about girls and by girls, so its really important to us to make sure that everything we do is for you our lovely readers. So, with this in mind we have put together what is pretty much the coolest squad since The Spice Girls.

Our Youth Council simply keeps and eye on what we do, and tells us whats happening, what we need to talk about and what the really important issues are. We already have a number of members, but have one or two spots left. Our members are from all over Ireland, and are all big supporters of what we do. They are passionate about many issues from mental health, sports, leadership, body image and self esteem, women’s issues, LGBT issues and many more. They are excited to use our website as a platform to use their voice, and help others.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our youth council, please email info@shona.ie, telling us a little bit about yourself and what you feel you can bring to our team, and we will be in touch.

Keep an eye on the website over the next few weeks, when we will be introducing you to the council members. Oh and if you can think of a cooler name than “youth council” (yawn), please let us know!

Oh and you must be over 18 to become a member, sorry!! But if you are under 18, you can still contribute to our website, by writing a post, reviewing a book or a movie, or sharing some news from your school. Get in touch!

Okay, love you bye x

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