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Detox is a word many of us know, but for those of us who don’t, it’s all about removing something that is negative from our lives when it just doesn’t serve us anymore. This might be a social detox – removing people in your life whose vibes don’t align with yours anymore, a diet detox – when maybe you have been eating a little too much junk food and want to replace it with some food that will nourish and fuel your body in a healthier way or even a mental detox – finding a method to release all of your built up stresses and worries such as counselling or journaling.

Detoxes are a good way to freshen up your life and to ensure that you consistently surround yourself with the things that serve you positively and that make you happy.

So let’s get down to business. We are first to hold our hands up for being guilty of following people online that just make us feel sh*t about ourselves. What is it about these people that just have a hold on us? Whether it’s that celeb or influencer we obviously don’t know, the girl from down the road, or the popular girl in your class,  they just seem to be living the dream. Like clockwork, every time they post something on socials, we are the first to go for a nosey and compare our lives with theirs. Again, leaving ourselves feeling pretty crappy, but we just don’t seem to learn.

Well, if you’re in the same boat as us, we think you can agree that enough is enough. It’s now time that we make an effort to improve how we feel about ourselves, and the first step is a social media feed detox. You know this is your sign to join us. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, we’re going to show you!

Find Your Role Models

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Did you know that people who follow others online who are considered inspiring, diverse and authentic have had better experiences on their social media than those who clog up their feeds with celebs and reality stars who don’t share their authentic selves? Yep! The Female Lead did a 5-year study on this. The facts don’t lie people! We challenge you to remove 2 people from your social feeds and replace them with a female role model. Those we consider the GOATs are Malala, Michelle Omaba and Jameela Jamil!

Tune In To Your Scrolling

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A prime example of fidgeting is actually scrolling on your phone. Mad, right? But think about it. How many times are you sitting on the bus, in the car, on your bed, or on the couch and you’re just looking for something to do so you pick up your phone? We’re not ready to admit the real number of times that we do this daily, but let’s just say it’s A LOT. The idea of being tuned in to your scrolling all stems from the fact that we will be more aware of what we are consuming. So, if we see a negative piece of news, another celeb diet or the girl from the year above off on her 6th year holiday, we can recognise what content doesn’t make us feel very good, and avoid the trigger moving forward.

Shake Up Your Feed

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TikTok nearly broke the internet when it first introduced its FYP. Having your social media feed show you exactly the type of content you want to see, all day every day, sounded like the dream right? Now every social media channel is trying to jump on that bandwagon. From Instagram reels to Snapchat’s Discover section, we are constantly bombarded with content that we are supposed to be interested in. But sometimes, after a day that was just a downright bulls*it from start to finish, maybe we just don’t want a motivational video on how we can reach our dreams, or of all these people organising their wardrobes and fridges that just seem to rub our faces in the fact they have their lives together. This is why we play hard to get and never let the algorithms know our next move. Don’t be afraid to shake up the type of content you consume while drowning out the type of content that triggers you, especially on a bad day.

At the end of the day, you can only do the best you can, and of course, it’s human nature to be nosey and want to see what others are up to. The whole idea of a social media feed detox is to just recognise the people, accounts and types of content that no longer suit your likes and vibes and start to actively replace it with content that serves a better purpose in your life.

Our social media feeds are individual to all of us, but they are our own. We encourage you to take back YOUR power and use social media on YOUR own terms.

P.S. All detoxes take time and the results won’t be apparent overnight. It will take time and practice, but trust us, it will be worth it x


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