As if surviving getting bullied in your everyday life isn’t enough, now you get to deal with it 24/7 because of social media. It’s shit. It shouldn’t be a thing in this day and age, and yet here we are. 

I know getting cyber bullied is traumatising, but sometimes it’s better in these situations to act so nonchalant that the bully see’s how little effect they have on the people around them. Maybe this could get them to focus on themselves for once?

I know this is easier said then done, but I’ve been there, and these are the things that worked for me, and I hope they’ll work for you too!

How To Cope With Cyber Bullies- Guest Post 1

What people say about you is none of your business

Sometimes we can get very upset about what someone has said about us or called us. But we don’t need to. If someone calls you a name behind your back or on social media this should always be taken with a pinch of salt as it says more about that person than it does about you. People have opinions and these opinions do not define who you are.

How To Cope With Cyber Bullies- Guest Post 2

Assess the situation

What background is this person coming from? Are they upset with their own life or something that is happening and trying to pass this on to you? Words like “bitch” and “idiot” are unintelligent names and are usually used by people that cant find the right vocabulary to describe their real frustrations.

These people are known as bullies – even if it just a name and they might be envious of something you have or something you do.

How To Cope With Cyber Bullies- Guest Post 3

What works for me

What works for me is telling myself that ‘what people think about me is none of my business’ because they do not walk in my shoes, see through my eyes or feel how I feel. So they cant make any judgement on me. I tell myself that cyber bullies have nothing better to do than to tear me down so I make myself laugh at these situations. I force myself to laugh and tell myself that this person just doesn’t know me well enough to comment.

How To Cope With Cyber Bullies- Guest Post 5

Block Them, on EVERYTHING.

Literally. Block them on everything and everything. Cyber bullies can’t hurt you if you can’t see them.

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Report Them:

If it get’s to the point where the blocking them isn’t enough and/or the behaviour becomes more then just insults and turns violent, then you really need to consider reporting this person. If this person is in school, report it to their principle (they don’t have to be in the same school as you for this to happen), take back the power and report it to their parents. But most importantly report it to the Gaurds. Cyber bullying is a crime and it should be taken seriously.

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Be Happy

Starting the day with a smile – even when you don’t feel like it – sends a message to your brain to be happy and release happy hormones. And there’s no bigger F you to your cyber bully then making them feel like they have no effect on you.

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When it all gets too much, you need some help and want to reach out, here are some supports ❤❤

SPUN OUT:  This is a one-stop-shop for all mental health issues. The articles are very matter of fact, helpful, and all bases are covered.

TACKLE BULLYING: Lots of resources for kids, parents, and teachers on dealing with bullying.

SAMARITANS: This helpline is open 24 hours a day and completely confidential. Call 116 123.

BODYWHYS: Online, phone, and group support for eating disorders.

CHILDLINE: Helpline and online support, offering advice and support to young people under 18.

BELONGTO: Support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in Ireland.

AWARE: Providing support and assistance to that section of society whose lives are affected by depression, bipolar disorder, postnatal depression, or suicidal thoughts.

POSITIVE OPTIONS:  Advice and support for those experiencing crisis pregnancies.

TURN2ME: Support for anyone feeling anxious, sad, or lonely.

YOURMENTALHEALTH: Lots of information about Mental Health in Ireland.

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