What is Positive mental health? It the knowledge and understanding of what we are naturally good at, it is our ability to manage the stress that comes with life, it is confidence to do a good job and our contribution to make our homes and community at large a better place to live in for ourselves and others.

Living is about having people in our lives we can rely on and forming healthy relationships with other reliable people, to manage our negative feelings and to feel good about ourselves because I think it’s safe to say the person reading this… yes YOU are a legend and you deserve more credit in life than you give yourself. So, let me ask you a question…. Are you content with your life?

The fact is were all entitled to have a good day and maybe some days aren’t the best, but shit happens, and tomorrow is a new day.

Positive mental health is about trying to improve your mental health, it’s not giving up. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), having a positive outlook and wellbeing in life is important to forming new but also holding onto the relationships that are important to us.

Mental health is something we can tend to overlook or forget about because we all have tough lives and find it hard to find to practice self-care but when we try to improve our wellbeing we are also contributing to the structure of society.

To be successful in life we need to recognize that mental health issues are sometimes created in the environments we interact with such as school where you might be experiencing bullying or harassment and in the workplace where our boss or manager are giving you unreasonable projects or workloads you are having real difficulty with.

When we have or are trying to achieve positive mental wellbeing, it also contributes to the lives of others, our families, friends and other emotional relationships.

In Ireland, having problems with our mental health is not uncommon because research done by mentalhealthireland.ie states that 25% of us will struggle with a mental health issue in our lifetime, 10% of children experience mental health issues, depression effects 8% of the world’s population and mental health around the world effects 450 million people.

Positive mental health isn’t about having the perfect mental health but understanding ourselves, we are all different shapes and we should be proud of our difference because that is what being unique is about, being proud of our distinction from the crowd.

Reach out because someone will reach back.

Submitted by reader CKelly

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