Remember that time that you told your friend she looked amazing in that dress as you left for the party? Or the time that you congratulated them on their exam results? What about the day that they overcame their greatest fear, and you were so proud of them?

It’s amazing that we have those people around us who we hype up, listen to, give and get advice from, and can feel proud of, and they do the same for us. Hold them close. But it can be so easy to forget to put that same energy into ourselves.

We look in the mirror only to criticize what we see, but let me tell you this; when your friend tells you that you look good, believe them. You do. You may or may not look like an Instagram model, you may think that your tummy or waist or butt dictate how pretty you are but that doesn’t matter. None of it does. You are beautiful, and the more you truly believe it and remind yourself of it, the more you’ll realise that beauty isn’t just your physical appearance.

We work on a personal goal for days, weeks, months or years. Mine was overcoming my anxiety, and it did take years, but yours may be to do with sports, music, grades, travel or something a bit more personal. Regardless, when we achieve it (and you will), we don’t feel the pride that we deserve to feel. Allow yourself to think of how far you’ve come, what you have accomplished that you never thought you would. Self-appreciation isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

Trust me, I know that all of this is far easier said than done, and to be honest it’s still a work in progress for me, but you deserve to give yourself the same appreciation and love that you give to others.

Emma x

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