So you’ve known her all your life. You’ve had so many sleepovers your parents haven’t seen you apart in years, cried together when One Direction broke up and watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars together. But lately you have grown apart and you really feel that your friendship is more hard work than it used to be.

Heres how you know if the friendship has gone toxic, and its time to break up.

1: You never get a word in. When was the last time she asked how you are and if you’re happy? When you’re going through a hard time, does she sit and listen or does the conversation always come back to her problems/crushes/dramas? A best friends should be there for you as much as you are for them.

2: Everything feels like a competition. You did well in your exam, and instead of congratualting you, she reminds you that she did better. You mention that you saw a pair of runners you love online. The next week she has them. You like a guy, but she does too and she saw him first.

3: You’re the only one who texts and suggests meet ups. If you’re not sure, check your phone. When was the last time she texted you first?

4: She brings you down. If everything she says is negative, it can bring you down too and affect your mood. Does she constantly talk about how she hates everyone and everything?  If you think shes depressed, talk to someone for advice, but otherwise, spend some time away from her and see if it helps.

5: She talks you down in front of boys she likes: There is no excuse for this. End of.

6: You feel relieved when she doesn’t turn up for hangouts: Is there always a tension and a feeling of uneasiness when she’s around.? Do you feel drained from her presence? Thats not right surely?

If all the above apply, just spend some time away from her and ask yourself if the friendship has run its course. Then come back next week when we talk about how to break up with your friend without causing world war 3.

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