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Artist LB has written this post for us on body hair. Thanks for sharing LB!

Destiny has given me a symmetric, petite and healthy body. Fate does not care about our pseudo ideas of beauty, so it also made me hairy. I never had an issue with my body hair, but society did. It educated me at every opportunity it had, that I would remain an ugly woman till I shaved. Women laughed at me and men looked down on me. Such exaggerated reactions to something so small and natural. As an innocent teenager, I wanted people to like me, men to fancy me, so I caved in; I shaved.

Destiny also planned that I fall in love with a woman, starting my lesbian journeys. With women, I did not shave and to my surprise, they did not care. They not only accepted me the way I was, but also found me attractive. This was a revolution to me, because it meant that society lied to me. Its standards are not universal and I unshaved, have a place in this world.

With constant self-exploration, life adventures, others helping me to grow and the wisdom of age, I made a final decision. I decided to accept LB. I let go of negative beliefs that were never mine and fostered positive beliefs of acceptance, love, natural beauty and enjoyment towards my body. I even went a step further and applied to be a life-drawing model.

Today I model naked and unshaved. I am not ashamed of my body, but proud of it. I am delighted to set an example of how real female bodies look. As for men, if they fancy me the way I am, wonderful; but if they have ideas about how I should look, then a calm goodbye will be our final words.

LB is a professional artist, writer, healer and teacher. Her art is crafted digitally on ArtRage using mixed media. She uses both art and writing to heal and teach in the areas of soul, feminism, sex, sexuality and nature. Her focus is to help humankind become aware, mature and loving.


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