Ash is currently sitting her leaving cert, poor love. She wrote this piece a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Recently I discovered I am an addict. Whether it’s being addicted to smoking or routine I am an addict. I enjoy repetitiveness. It really only occurred to me recently after I saw the new trainspotting. No everyone I am not a heroin addict. However when Mark gives his Choose Life speech he says;

“You’re an addict, so be addicted.

Just be addicted to something else”

It’s so true. I am an addict. I pretty much eat the same food on a two or three-day rotation. I’m not crazy about change. I like doing the same thing every weekend. Spending time with my boyfriend and working. That suits me down to the ground. When I find something I enjoy doing, I tend to spend most of my time doing it over and over and over again.

Lots of people are addicts. It doesn’t have to be an addict in the substance abuse side of things. It can be biting your nails, addicted to chocolate, addicted to fitness or addicted to saying a certain word. My view on this is: you’re an addict and you’re never not gonna be an addict. Just be addicted to good things. Personally one of my biggest addictions is cursing. There’s something amazing about the word f**k but I won’t get into it here…

I’ve tried to start getting addicted to things that are good for me and will hopefully make me feel better. I’m trying to get some sort of addiction to exercise. It’s going okay, I’m not back to my old fit self again. But I’m getting there. I’ve tried to get into cooking a bit. I’m gonna bake some cookies when I’m finished writing this. I’ve also picked up my guitar again and hitting the town busking after a couple of months leaving my baby unplayed. I went busking in Kilkenny recently, the place I busked for the first time ever. And I’m already craving to go again. The addiction is already kicking in.

Recently, I’ve given up everything that’s not the best for the system; partying, smoking and drinking. I guess I’m sort of doing an addiction exchange with mental and physical benefits too. But I don’t think I’ll ever give up cursing because that’s just f**king impossible.

Be addicted everyone, it can be a good thing.

Ash x

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