The Shona Project is for girls, by girls and about girls. In order to make sure we always have the best interests of our girls at heart, we established our Youth Council, a group of young Irish women from all over Ireland, and with a range of different backgrounds and interests.


Our youth council help us make all our decisions, tell us when we’re doing things right and break it to us gently when we’re missing something special. They are our ambassadors and our eyes and ears on the ground. If you would like to apply to join this group of brilliant young ladies, get in touch. The more the merrier.

Lets meet the crew….


Ashling is 18 and lives in Waterford. A talented soccer player and singer, she recently started writing about her battle with depression to help herself, and hopefully others. Ash is very interested in Mental Health issues, sport and hopes to share her story with younger girls, who may have similar experiences.


Last year, Nicole lost her younger brother Alex after he took a synthetic drug at a house party. Now, she balances her full time job with speaking about the dangers of legal highs in schools, and advocating for stricter regulation. She wants to use her platform to spread her message and share her brothers story.


Sophie lives in Dublin, where she writes for many different publications about women’s rights. A fierce feminist, she hopes to encourage younger girls to get involved in social issues and use their voices to create change.


Alexandra lives in Wexford and is a huge fan of manga and film. A member of Irelands trans community, she shares her honest experience throughout her transitions in order to educate and promote understanding.


Tanya comes from Limerick and is taking a year out from college. She feels very passionately about the issues faced by young women and want to help in any way she can. She hopes to do a Masters in Social Care in the next few years.


Megan is 18 and from Mayo. Growing up, she struggled with an eating disorder. Now she wants to use this platform to help others with similar stories, and to tell her own.


Abigail wants to be a role model for girls, for them to be confident and to believe in themselves and for them not to be ashamed when times get tough. She is a passionate mental health ambassador, and also acts as an ambassador for SeeChange.


Emily is already creating positive change in the world. Two years ago, she invented the ‘Duffily Bag’ an specially adapted sleeping bag for homeless people. The bag was distributed in Dublin and Callais and its production is providing employment for homeless people through The Mendicity Institute.


Alana is a talented actress, spoken word actress and filmmaker. She runs her own production company, making short films for social enterprises, charities and changemakers. An accomplished youth activist herself, Alana is hugely involved in youth empowerment in Ireland


Katie started her own company at 16, selling gender neutral clothing. Her entrepreneurial spirit was recognised when she was awarded National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year and U magazine’s “30 under 30” award. Katie will represent Ireland in the European Finals in Sofia, Bulgaria this November.


Jenny is 21, studying Human Rights Law at NUI Galway. Having battled mental health issues in the past, she now wants to help others and show them it is possible to overcome these issues, no matter how hard it seems at the time.


Eboni is our roaming reporter, and will be doing interviews with interesting people, as well as encouraging young people to use their voices in a positive way. She is slightly obsessed with red lipstick.

If you would like to join our youth council, just email us at and tell us a bit about yourself. Unfortunately, you must be over 18 to apply.