Women are fiery, strong, compassionate, resilient and beautiful creatures. And yet we live in a world that doesn’t celebrate these things as much as it should.

Media celebrates a very narrow definition of beauty, one that doesn’t last because time passes, and we grow up and grow old. Gravity hits and traumas, scars and stretch marks make our faces and bodies look more…well, Vintage!

There are so many aspects of you that will only improve as you grow, and these things should be celebrated, valued and nurtured, not just in ourselves, but in those around us. Here are just six, to get you started…

1: Sense of humour:


There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a group of friends crack each other up with laughter. Hold on to that witty, sarcastic ability to see the humour in life. It will get you through anything!

2: Intuition:


Your gut is your best friend, we’ve always said that. Over time her voice will get louder and you will learn to listenEvery experience and interaction, good or bad, will help you to better know (and hopefully like) yourself.

3: Tolerance for Drama:


The older you get, the less capacity you have for negativity, nonsense and needless drama. To put it more simply, the older you get, the less you give a shit, and that will set you free.

4: Ability to be still:


We are all addicted to distraction, it defines our generation. But somewhere along your path, you’ll develop an appreciation for silence, and see that being comfortable in your own mind means that you can always escape the world, by just taking a minute to breathe.

5: Living in the Moment:


There’s always something exciting happening somewhere without you. But you are where you’re meant to be, so focus on the people who surround you right now. This moment is unique, and will never happen again, so enjoy and appreciate it before it’s gone.

6: Self-Acceptance:


The more you work on knowing yourself, the more you can tell who and what is worth your time and energy, and who and what doesn’t serve you.
We all have one life to live, so make the most of it, and stay true to yourself.

You are so worth it x

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