All this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. As someone who has struggled with body image and self-acceptance, it’s often difficult to appreciate my body without demanding it to look perfect. So below, I’ve compiled a list of things that our body does for us.  

  1. Hug your loved ones. 
  2. Drink tea. 
  3. Feel the sun on your cheeks. 
  4. Smile! 
  5. Read Shona articles. 
  6. Wear snazzy shoes. 
  7. Eat chocolate! 
  8. Breathe air. 
  9. Paint your nails. 
  10. Hear amazing music. 
  11. Learn languages. 
  12. Draw and colour. 
  13. Laugh with your friends. 
  14. Sleep. 
  15. Smell lavender in the spring. 
  16. Pet fluffy cats. 
  17. Write poetry. 
  18. See your parents and your guardians. 
  19. Feel the sand between your toes. 
  20. Love others. 
  21. Scream into your pillow when you’re frustrated.  
  22. Drink a cold glass of water. 
  23. Cook. 
  24. Wiggle your toes. 
  25. Do your hair. 
  26. Smell cookies baking. 
  27. Have a good cry. 
  28. Wear fluffy socks in a cold bed.  
  29. Grow your hair.  
  30. Cover yourself in sparkles. 
  31. Watch the sunrise. 
  32. See the snow fall. 
  33. Smell scented candles. 
  34. Moisturise your skin. 
  35. Scroll through Instagram. 
  36. Respect yourself. 
  37. Wear earmuffs when it’s cold. 
  38. Eat soup on a rainy day. 
  39. Listen to babies gurgle. 
  40. Tell your friends how amazing they are.  
  41. Believe in something more. 
  42. Smell the sea air. 
  43. Tell the time. 
  44. Wake up every morning. 
  45. Watch Netflix in bed.  
  46. Cuddle. 
  47. Feel loss and recover from it. 
  48. Makes your heart keep beating. 
  49. Protects your soul. 
  50. Love yourself.  


You can always find great information on Eating Disorders on Bodywhys x

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