This will be our last post of 2017, we’re shutting up shop to rest and recharge our batteries after what has been a really amazing year for all of us here at The Shona Project.

Over the past 12 months we have spoken to thousands of girls at our workshops, and reached almost 100 thousand through our website. We have won a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Award, and shared the story of Shona through radio, TV and newspapers. Without sounding too totes emosh, people have taken The Shona Project to their hearts, and we have been really touched that almost every single person or organisation we have asked for help has been only too happy to get behind our work and help us create change.

All of the team here at Shona has been brought here by our own personal struggle, and we are passionate about helping others, and building communities so every single girl in Ireland can be happy and content in her own skin, and appreciate everything about herself that makes her special and unique. We have come to realise that sometimes our struggles are what make us so special, and that we are not broken, just a little bruised, but we come back fighting regardless.

We are so grateful for every single girl each of us have met, Those who have waited to talk to us at workshops, those who have shared their stories on the website, those who have taken our pledge, and those who have made a conscious effort to become a positive force in the world, and to be kind to others, and to themselves. We have been met with warm hearts and open minds every step of the way.

We know that there are many of us who will find Christmas tough, who might feel unseen and alone. To those girls we would say, please reach out, ask someone for help, talk to someone. You are important, and your voice needs to be heard.

We hope you all have a really lovely Christmas, we’ll be back in 2018 stronger than ever, with love in our hearts and fire in our bellies.

Nollaig SHONA Duit


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