There are lots of things that stress us out – homework, parents, just being a person. It is important to look out for yourself and your mental health. You need to be kind to yourself when you find things difficult. Whether it is adapting to a new life situation, or just needing a reset, here are some things we like to do to here at the Shona Project when we are having a bad day.


Go outside

We totally agree with Elle Woods. ‘Exercise gives you endorphins and Endorphins make you happy.’ We’re not asking you to go run a marathon, but going for a stroll (stroll, as in slow walk, not a run, we’re talking to you Deborah.) can be an amazing way to clear your head. We think that ‘mental health’ walks should be a daily thing. If you’re not really into walks, why not take your daily coffee outside and just chill on a bench and take in your surroundings.


Wear a cute outfit

We all have that one outfit that makes us feel FABULOUS. Chuck on this ‘fit and strut your stuff! Who cares if you’re all dolled up to go to Tesco? If it makes you feel happy, then we totally think you should go for it.


Meet with your friends

Sometimes when we have a down moment, whether it is a day or a week, the best medicine is friendship. So, make some time for you and your friends! Whether you want to go on a shopping trip, have a homemade spa day, or just a call! You can watch a movie together, at home, in the cinema or using that cool Disney+ shared screening platform which allows you to watch at the same time no matter where you are in the world. These are just some suggestions, go find your favourite way to connect with friends and have fun!


Drink more water 

Ok, this one sounds a bit silly, we know, but trust us, drinking water is so good for your body. We’ve all been guilty of drinking too many fizzy drinks in the past, so replacing them with water can really help to fuel our bodies. Drinking water early in the morning is a great way to start the day and can also help to hydrate you and wake your body up.


Step away from technology- perhaps pick up a hobby?

Nowadays we seem to be spending more time online than we have ever done before. Even if we want to communicate with friends we have to use our phones as we cannot meet them in person. We think it might be a good idea to block out an hour to two in your evening and go technology-free. Whether it’s a phone-free dinner or setting aside time to read your latest book, we definitely think our eyes and minds need that break. It can also allow us time to pick up some old hobbies that may have been forgotten.


Try some yoga

While we may not all be absolutely flexible and into yoga, you’d be surprised at how effective it is for changing your mood. Whether you’re laughing your way through it because of how useless you are at it, or that you’re concentrating on your breathing, or pouring all your negativity into realigning your body, we’ve realised that moving your body really does help.


Follow an exercise video

Similarly to our point about yoga, you don’t have to be a gym buff to follow this point. There are loads of videos online that promote moving your body in a fun way. Whether it is following a dance tutorial from TikTok or a dance exercise class from YouTube, these are fantastic ways of lifting your mood. Our personal favourite is the High School Musical dance-alongs as it has us screaming our favourite lyrics and living up old memories.


Open your windows

While this may seem like a small thing, opening your windows and blinds to leave some fresh air to circulate in your room can really help to bring up your mood. Breathing in the same stale air isn’t great for your health, so getting some clean air into your room will help to stimulate your senses.


Have a bath/Spa time

You time is absolutely needed to help bring your mood up. Grab your bath bombs and your favourite scented candles and create a mini-spa in your bathroom. Play some chill music, create good vibes and relax while soaking in the tub with a facemask on.

Talk about it

While this may seem totally obvious to many, others may not realise that a problem shared is a problem halved. A lot of the time we feel that our problems don’t matter or are not significant enough to bother our friends with, yet this is totally untrue! You would be surprised at how many people are probably feeling the same way that you are. Sharing your problem will help to normalise your feelings and may also help you to identify the cause of your low mood. Talking is the first step to solving this and taking the steps towards a more positive mood.


Everyone is different and while all of these methods may not work for you, we definitely think you could give a few a try! We think our main message here is to mind yourselves and take time for YOU. Looking after your mental and physical well-being is so important and this can help to create a more positive mood. While times are tough, and it can feel that there is no end in sight, things WILL get better and, in the meantime, MIND YOURSELF.

Ps. Does anyone want to watch Legally Blonde now??


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