There’s this common misconception about grief that it only has to do with mourning the death of a loved one. But, that’s simply not true. Grief is the natural response to loss. And while, yes that includes the mourning loved ones that have passed, it also includes the mourning of past relationships/ friendships and the days when things seemed so much better.

The unfortunate thing about grief is that we all will go through it at some stage in our lives, and when that time comes there are so many things that will happen, that we may not even realise are caused by grief itself. So we would like to prepare you for that moment so that when it happens, it won’t seem as scary:

Here are 10 things no one tells you about grief:

Number One: The first pain you feel is not grief, it’s shock and adrenaline. Real grief hits later, often when the quiet comes.

Number Two: It can bring you closer to complete strangers, and take you further away from those you thought were friends.

Number Three: Some of the people you expected to show up for you won’t, and some of the people you never expected to be there will do and say the right things at the right time.

Number Four: Every time someone shares their condolences with you may be sad and exhausting, but it is vitally important because…

Number Five: It hurts even more when they stop mentioning it.

Number Six:  They may presume you’re doing okay at that stage, but you’re probably just hitting the hardest period.

Number Seven: While the pain is horrendous, you will be afraid that when it eases it means you’ve stopped loving them…

Number Eight: .…it doesn’t.

Number Nine: The pain will never go away, but that’s not a bad thing, it means that there is always a place in your heart where the memories of the person/thing you are mourning live on. 

Number Ten: Sometimes you will forget for a moment, and then a wave of grief will catch you off guard. In these moments, it’s important to breathe and remind yourself… 

Bonus one: You will be okay x!


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