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Many girls have shared their stories with us on topics ranging from anxiety, body issues, OCD and insecurities.

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Ellen Reflects on her Reflection

Ash on being the Face of Mental Illness

Ellen on why what we wear doesn’t mean we’re ‘asking for it’

Stigmatized: By Abigail

Megan on her recovery from Anorexia

“A Pretentious Summary of My Life so Far”, A reader letter about sexuality anxiety and finding yourself.

‘My black dog’, Aisling shares her experience dealing with depression.

A letter to the first guy to break my heart: My Dad

“Depression does not discriminate” by Emma

Nicole on dealing with the death of her brother

Siobhan on Getting to Grips with Dyslexia

Megan Starts a Conversation about Eating Disorders

Anonymous on how you can overcome trauma and find happiness

An Open Letter to My Bully

Rebecca’s War with OCD

When your Panic Attacks Have No Chill, by Alannah

Singer Sorcha Richardson on how Music Helps her Soul

Shona Founder, Tammy, on how Bullying Changes us as People.

Paralympian Hayley Fitzsimons on Being ‘Different’ in School

Clodagh on Being a ‘Big Girl’ and Making Peace with it,

Rachel on Insecurities and How Hard we are on Ourselves.

Alexandra Introduces us to Her Trans Diary

Singer Katie Laffan on Anxiety and Music

Burns Survivor Kellie O’Farrell on Living with Scars

Illustrator Fatti Burke on Making your Passion Your Career

Alexandra on Hollywoods Trans Problem

If you want to share with us, get in touch at We will help you (because we’re sound out).

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