Dr Sharon wants to talk about poop, well lack of poop to be exact. Constipation. Rather you than me luv…
Most people go to the toilet; number 2, poo, pass a bowel motion, whatever you like to call it about once a day. It can be normal for others to only go every few days or for some a few times every day.
When we were babies we had a dirty nappy after almost every bottle and this is called a gastro-colic reflex. Some people maintain that and naturally feel like going to the toilet after eating. For others this is lost in late childhood for a number of reasons; a change in diet, a decrease in exercise and activity and another big factor is holding on and not wanting to go to the toilet in school or in a public toilet. This affects girls more than boys who tend not to care as much where they go!

A bowel motion should be soft, not hurt as its coming out. Signs of constipation include bloating, pains in your tummy, passing what look like small rabbit pellets and having to push really hard to get the bowel motion out.
It is never normal to bleed with going to the toilet. Blood on wiping may be a sign of haemorrhoids or a small tear from a hard bowel motion. You should see the doctor about it.

How to avoid constipation-
1) Drink 2 litres of water per day
2) Eat lots of fibre; porridge, Weetabix, Shreddies for breakfast
3) Get exercise- that really helps- get out walking or running for at least 20 minutes per day
4) Avoid processed foods and go for wholemeal options, brown rice and pasta and brown bread not white.
5) Eat lost of fruit and veg
If these measures don’t work and you’re uncomfortable with it please see your doctor who may prescribe some medication to help.

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