We are happy to come and talk to your school or club about a number of issues we know lot of you deal with on a daily basis. Give us a call or an email if you would like to hear more.

Antibullying workshop: This is the main reason why the Shona Project was developed. Anyone can come and talk about statistics, offer harsh warnings and recite cliches about how awful bullying can be. Tammy shares her very personal experience of the harsh bullying she encountered in school. She understands how it feels to hide in the toilet because you don’t want to face your bullies. Tammy will also explain how she managed to get through it, how she feels about it now, and how she now understands that hurt people, hurt people.

Reality Check: Social media is not the devil, it has its uses. But it can get a bit all consuming and we can forget that what we see is ultra filtered, mega exaggerated and not entirely real. Basing our self worth on the pursuit of unrealistic life goals will never end well. Therefore it can’t hurt to have the occasional chat about how life doesn’t have a filter, but we are all just fine and lovely as we are.

Shona’s Kindness Clubs: This workshop is developed for primary schools. Participants are given challenges and invited to join our kind club. A lighter discussion, it promotes taking ownership of our own behaviours and thinking before we speak.

Workshop feedback:

“Tammy has a very natural, relaxed, style of presentation… story well told”

“Tammy embodies how you would like a teacher to be…authentic and brings her audience with her”

“Very friendly and youthful with a gentle yet informative tone”

“This is a very important topic and personalizing it makes it very powerful”

Email info@shona.ie or call 051-585022 for further information.

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