Leaving Cert results are out in the morning, and girls and their families around the country will not sleep a wink tonight as tomorrow they find out the magic number that will dictate their future for possibly the next few years.

I have no idea what I got in my leaving cert. That is the God’s honest truth. From the day I opened that A4 envelope to this, I have never even looked at it.

I can tell you that I passed, barely. I was going through all sort in my life at the time, and was struggling to keep my head above water. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, or how to get there. I was in my early 20’s before I enrolled as a night student and now hold a Degree and a Masters (although I still can’t spell). What’s for you won’t pass you, but it will wait until the time is right.

Some of us are academic, and if you are, great. You will surely excel in college, just as you did in secondary school. Heres some fireworks just for you. Well done x

Some of us are smart, creative, entrepreneurial, artistic, insightful, hardworking, adventurous, fearless, capable and imaginative, but not academic. The key is to find your passion, and to use all your resources to find another path to achieving your dreams.

Those who rise to the top are not necessarily those who excel in school. Those who succeed are those who want it the most, who have a good attitude and a solid work ethic. It is those who reflect on and learn from their mistakes and never, ever give up.

Best of luck to all today x

The Irish Independent is hosting a unique helpline (1800 265 165) to assist school-leavers, and their parents/guardians.
The helpline opening hours are: Wednesday, August 12/Thursday August 13 (10am-7pm); Friday August 14 (10am-1pm); Monday August 17/Tuesday August 18 (8am-7pm); Wednesday August 19 (8am-1pm).

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