In our dreams we all would have a wardrobe system much like Cher from  ‘Clueless’ . I mean …as if!

In order to completely refresh your wardrobe, and have a really great girlie night, why don’t you and your friends host a clothes swap?

We were involved in one a few years ago and went ALL OUT! I mean go big or go home right?


Heres how to do it:

  1. Pick a venue, we used a big old warehouse type room and borrowed racks, hangers and tables from everywhere we could. Alternatively, you can just have it on your bedroom.
  2. Give at least two weeks notice. Send a facebook invite with all the details of how it works, and give your friends plenty of time to go through their wardrobes and finally let go of those River Island molly jeans that always looked better on you anyway.4
  3. Have a prearranged drop off day. You will need time to go through everything and arrange it all into some order.
  4. You can either just have a free for all where everyone grabs what they want OR do it properly and assign a ‘price’ to everything.
  5. The price system is simple. Everything is tagged with a price based on what it cost new. Participants are given credit based on what they dropped off, and they can spend that on what they like. This makes sure that no-one can drop in a pair of old socks and make away with a brand new pair of asos over the knee boots. I mean, fair’s fair.5
  6. To make it even simpler, each item can be swapped for one other. So you can buy a cheap raffle book and give each participant one for each item they donate, and they can spend them on whatever they like.
  7. Don’t let crap in. Don’t let your friends off load their washed out peejays on you. If its shabby, throw it in a recling bin. Classy items only!2
  8. Make it into a proper girly night, have a trying on session, keep the snacks coming, and throw on a movie afterwards.
  9. Give whatever is left to charity, everyone’s a winner!
  10. Send us pictures of your swap night and let us know how it went. And keep us some goodies xkeep calmFollow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more x

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