Learning to love your own skin is a practice most struggle with, even more so for young girls in our society. Sarah talks about her challenges and treatment as a girl, all of which has now led her to being the strong confident woman we see today.

Sarah Doyle is the Co-Founder of The Better Life Project, a movement dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy, positive and confident lives. With oodles of infectious energy she is the “go to” life coach for anyone feeling stuck in a rut, lacking confidence, or struggling with low self-esteem and body image. Sarah passionately works to help inspire others to embrace the skin they are in and to feel, live, and be better

She have been interviewed for The Irish Mirror, The Herald, Irish Country Magazine and written for the42.ie, A Lust for Life and many more. She was awarded the Best Newcomer in the Inner City Enterprise Award 2015 and has traveled across Dublin and the UK for motivational, success and body confidence events, including Wellfest 2015 and 2016.

Sarah empowers people to dream big and helps them to back it up with actionable advice that will create results. Results that will lead to a better life.