Everyone has different views and opinions on the way the world works. This is something you basically learn in school.

But when it comes to the online world, somehow, some people feel that they have the right to say whatever they want to others, and in some cases, will go out of their way to bully others into a corner. They feel that their opinion is the only one which is right and that anyone who differs from that is wrong and needs to be informed immediately, and  sometimes with venom and aggression.

I recently had someone voice their opinion on something that I posted. A post that meant no real harm to anyone. Anyone that knows me knows my trail of thought and knew this. What happened really opened my eyes to how mean girls can be and for what reason? What gain would you have from ever trying to bring another person down? I am not even friends with this person but evidently, she kept an eye on my page from time to time and so it began.

I acknowledged that the point was made loud and clear but for this person that wasn’t enough. When people are losing a battle, they will try and hit you where it hurts most, a cowardice move but one that many people still use today. And I was hit. BOOM! But here was the beauty of it, it didn’t hurt, not 1 bit, because I do not know this person enough to value their opinion, your opinion is just that and I am strong enough to not be phased by it.

In life you can be the ripest peach in the world and still somebody is going to hate peaches. Us girls, we go through so much in life that the last thing you want to do is drag or be dragged by another girl. Unfortunately, you will come across girls like this and you may question yourself, your self worth and they will attempt to make you feel small. But darling you must never let them. Men will try to do the same, but remember for every girl that tries to make you feel small there are at least 20 more that understand you, have been through the same thing you have and will always want to be your friend. Stand up for YOU! For your beliefs and for your opinions. After all, a mermaid never loses any sleep over the opinion of a shrimp and all of us no matter what age will come across shrimps.

Empower each other, love one another and most of all respect each other. We all have different views and opinions and that’s the beauty of it. I am no more right than you are but if we respect that we are all beautiful individuals the world will be a happier place.

So stand tall and stand proud to be you and always remember…

Nobody puts baby in the corner..

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