Just before Christmas we told of how the “The Silence Breakers” had been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, having started to the #metoo campaign that encouraged thousands of women (and men) to demolish the wall of secrecy that existed in a male dominated and badly behaved Hollywood.

But this was only the start, and 2018 began with a bang, as 300 of Hollywood’s most powerful women introduced #TimesUp, an initiative which aims to bring sexual harassment to an end once and for all, and invities women of all ages, professions, backgrounds and experiences to take part. Powerhouses like Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, America Ferrera, Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, Amber Tamblyn, Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, and Emma Stone are done with being second best, and will no longer accept it, and they stated as much in an open letter to the New York Times. According to the letter, the project has already raised $13 million towards support legal action to “help survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries challenge those responsible for the harm against them and give voice to their experiences,” according to the open letter, which you may have also seen posted on social media.

We are so happy to see a community of women stand together to support each other and work together to make real, palpable and long lasting change. We are working really hard to start and encourage similar communities here in Ireland.

Its 2018. Times Up. Our time is now.

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