How To Study Like A Pro

Exams are stressful and study is boring. Fact. Most of us would rather trim the lawn with a nail scissors than study. If we’re honest, we are inclined to lock ourselves in a room for two hours organising our sock drawer or thinking about what our death row meal would be, and then clapping ourselves on

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Eating Disorders, How To Help

Up to 200,000 people in Ireland are reported to have an eating disorder, causing up to 80 deaths per year. You would struggle to find any female who says that they are happy with their body as we, by our nature, focus on the bad, and not on the good. We compare ourselves to others

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How To Support Someone With Anxiety

Have you noticed a friend that’s been a little quieter than usual? Just not themselves? They could be struggling with anxiety. There are a lot of things people with anxiety wish they could tell people who don’t suffer from it. We are going to give you some gentle ways to support a person with anxiety

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Are You Being Bullied? Here’s What We Want You To Know

We all know bullying is an awful, hurtful, destructive thing, but it still can exist in every aspect of our lives, both online and offline. When people don’t know how to channel their sadness or frustration in a positive way, it comes out in anger, and can often be channelled towards one person who has

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How to support a friend who is struggling: By Jenny

Often when a friend tells us that they are feeling a bit down, or have recently been diagnosed with a mental health issue, it’s difficult to know what to say or do. It’s an automatic reaction to panic, and avoid talking about the issue. However that friend will often have confided in you for a

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Two videos that will warm your weary heart

At Shona, we love finding videos that inspire us or make us feel good. Here are two that were sent to us this week by our adoring fans (okay our Mams) that will cheer your soul, warm your cockles and lift your spirits. This first one takes comments that were sent to people online and

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