What Does Your 2024 Hold?

Hello friends, It’s a new year, a new start. We’re about to take down the Xmas decos, scrape the last few bountys from the selection boxes (underrated if you ask us) and are looking to the days ahead. So what do you want for 2024? And how can you make it happen? Have you made

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5 Life Lessons I Learned from Vicky Phelan.

This post was written by our founder, Tammy in 2018. Vicky was a hero to all of us, and inspired the entire Shona community. She taught us so much about speaking up for ourselves, trusting our gut, and being advocates for ourselves. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Jim, her daughter Amelia, her

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Two videos that will warm your weary heart

At Shona, we love finding videos that inspire us or make us feel good. Here are two that were sent to us this week by our adoring fans (okay our Mams) that will cheer your soul, warm your cockles and lift your spirits. This first one takes comments that were sent to people online and

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