Social Anxiety and Me!

This article was written by our ambassador, Tanya, about her experiences with social anxiety. We wanted to reshare Tanya’s story, because it is just as relevant and important today! There are still thousands of girls who, just like Tanya, suffer from social anxiety. Here is how Tanya overcame her worries! Does the thought of a

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Benefits Of Journaling For Improving Focus

Ah, journaling. Something we all know is really good for us. But, it can’t be just us that have tried to start a million different times, but we always seem to fall at the first hurdle. If you are like us, you sit there looking at a blank page thinking “what the heck am I

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Why Asking For Help Changed My Life

The year my parents separated was the year my whole world completely crashed and to say my mental health suffered was an understatement. I went from being a severely athletic young girl who loved her body and everything that she was to a complete hermit who hated any sort of interaction with the world and

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Are You Being Bullied? Here’s What We Want You To Know

We all know bullying is an awful, hurtful, destructive thing, but it still can exist in every aspect of our lives, both online and offline. When people don’t know how to channel their sadness or frustration in a positive way, it comes out in anger, and can often be channelled towards one person who has

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Our Visit to The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

TRIGGER WARNING: If you might be upset or affected by discussions on rape or sexual assault, maybe give this one a miss. This week the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre launched their annual report. Sophie went along to learn about it and report back. Here’s what she learned about the amazing work they do.. The work

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