A Letter To My Younger Self – By Destiny

Dear younger dee, I’m twenty years old now, but I still hold on to my ten-year-old self in many ways, because she was the one who taught me how to be kind, outspoken, independent, and brave. Who I am now, is because of who I was when I was younger. All of the good and

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Daisy

Daisy, I am writing this to you as a 20-year-old woman, you are no longer just a girl in a school uniform being given out to for having badges plastered over your jumpers, you are in your 20’s now. And this is somehow even scarier than entering the halls of secondary school and finding yourself

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Joy

When you are just becoming a teenager you think you know everything and understand people but now that I’m twenty-two and I look back, I just think about how I didn’t know anything. I remember it as a time without big responsibility but everything counted back then. I was still only learning how people work

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Tara

Dear Tara, If I am being honest, writing you this letter has been quite difficult for me. It’s hard for me to think back on the things that I know you are going through. In some ways, I wish I could travel back and tell you everything you need to know to get through this

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A Letter To My Younger Self – By Mikaela

Dear younger Mikaela, Slow down. Relax. Everything always works out in the end. There’s no need to be constantly worrying about what the future holds. Live in the present because the next few years are some of your best. Even if you don’t realize it! The leaving cert was never as important as you thought

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Turning Red – A Review By Aoife

“Turning Red” is a heart-warming coming-of-age movie from Pixar Animation. It follows the story of Mei, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl who (inconveniently!) transforms into a giant red panda whenever she experiences strong emotions. Throughout the course of the film, we see Mei navigate the difficulties of growing up and balancing her parent’s wishes for her

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