We’ve all seen it, maybe even been a part of it. Read the comments section of any prominent website, or scroll through twitter for more than 5 minutes and you will see the absolute vitriol that some people think is suitable to post online.

We all think that celebrities, bloggers, and anyone who has an online presence have a lovely life, but the uglier side of it makes it vitally important that all of these people develop a thick skin, and are able to ignore faceless, trolls who seem to have made a hobby about making hurtful, unessecary, and often untrue comments online to get a reaction (or maybe even just some attention).

Suzanne Jackson has talked in the past about her experience of this, and when her friend and fellow blogger Louise Cooney tweeted about the cyber bullying she has experiences, SoSue spoke up again.


Using her Instastories to make her point, here’s what she had to say.



For Mental Health day 2017, Suzanne had posted the following. “After all the lovely posts about mental health awareness yesterday, I feel strongly about something and I’m gonna say it! I feel very sorry for those who spend their days bitching constantly in online groups on Facebook about everyone and anyone!”

“You are the cause for someone’s misery with your nasty words! YOU are adding to their anxiety, depression, their self doubt! You!! How does that feel? So instead of posting your nice caption and picture yesterday pretending you care about mental health…. Why don’t you think twice before you spew your hate online and really affect someone’s day/week/month.”

So Sue, where do we start? And where do we sign up?

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