Starting college can be a confusing and stressful time, especially so during covid-19. If you’re like me, you didn’t really know what to expect going to college. Neither of my parents had gone, and any relatives who went had attended so long ago they didn’t remember what it was like. Also, none of my friends would be attending the same college I was going to or even be in the same county. So, starting college had me a bit stumped. 

On top of that, I had no, and I mean NO cooking skills. I may have microwaved a fork before. It… didn’t end well. (So, take my word for it, and please do not do that). And I wasn’t all that good with numbers either. This meant when it came to paying rent or blowing all my money on food, or accidentally leaving my heater on, the bills would stack up!

I don’t drink alcohol, nor am I much of a partier, so I felt like the only way to socialise was to go out partying. This just ended up with me pretending I was having a good time when really, I was falling asleep standing up and just wanted to curl up beside my dog back at my parents’ place.

But I didn’t do that! Well, I did sometimes because everyone needs a break once in a while, but while college was going on, I pushed through and made my college experience amazing!

Now, with me being well into my second year, I want to give you my top 3 tips on starting college and on how to live a better college experience, because you deserve to enjoy yourself! Plus, college is so much fun and you should get the chance to make the most of it 😁

Tip number one: Yes, you can cook.

Cooking is a skill, not a characteristic. A skill must be learned and honed over time through practice. Nobody is born able to cook, and there is no specific time you must learn it.

The best way to learn is through practice! I made friends who had already learned to cook and they actually taught me, and I also watched youtube videos to learn. You probably won’t get it perfect straight away, and that’s okay! As long as you keep practicing and ask for help, you’ll get there in no time, and making your meals will save you more money and be healthier than eating takeaways too often! But don’t worry, I’m still learning and definitely wouldn’t consider myself the next Gordon Ramsay. 

Tip number two: Join a club or society!

I felt very alone when college started because I would only go to a party every few months and that would be my only real social interaction. I quickly learned that I wasn’t really alone though!

If you’re finding it hard to meet people outside of lectures,  join a club or society! These are great for meeting people with similar interests to you, and they’re also just great to do something you’re interested in!


Tip number three: Your mental health will ALWAYS be the priority.

If you start to feel too stressed, or anxious, or sad, there are supports at your college you can talk to. Each college has a counsellor available to talk to and if you ever feel as if you need to take time off or even a year off, that’s perfectly okay.

Just get the help you need and do what’s best for you, as mental health issues are a perfectly understandable reason to leave college, and should you ever want to return, the college will likely accept you back and understand why you had to leave. You deserve to be happy, above all else!


Good luck,

Skye x


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