Sex Education is hard to describe as a TV show, its kind of a comedy, kind of a drama, kind of a documentary.

Its also kind of sweet, kind of heartbreaking, kind of educational, and very very explicit, (its over 18’s for a reason people). Here’s why Joy thinks you should watch it…..

I think I just watched the most relatable and empowering show I’ve ever seen.

Don’t be put off by the name, because Netflix’s Sex Education is much more than just a TV show. It actually is what being in secondary school is like …….. Maybe a little more exaggerated; not all students have a sex therapist as their mom. But for things like body self- esteem, pictures that shouldn’t be sent around and fake rumors, it ticks all the boxes.

And I actually learned that we always have more to learn when it comes to sex. Especially our bodies, how we communicate with other people our age and how not to feel ashamed for how anyone looks or feels. But for me, it taught me that we as young girls all need to protect each other from bad decisions and mind each other no matter the consequences. And also that we can never let names or nicknames define who we are because everyone is so much more than just a label.

But don’t worry the TV show is hilarious, fabulous and needed; especially when everyone has to struggle through secondary school.

Also warning: Do not watch with your parents for everyone’s self embarrassment to be contained and it is over 18’s for a reason. But I really hope both girls and boys watch it and start talking about sex and all the other teenage problems everyone goes through.

Here’s the trailer:


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