There she is now, our Sinead.

We have long been fans of Sinead Burke. Activist, Academic, Ted Talker, Room Stealer, Fashionista. She really is a national treasure.

We knew this all along, and now the fashion industry has taken notice. Sinead has firmly planted her feet in the world of the movers and shakers. Yesterday Vogue named her as one of the 25, a list of the amazing women who are shaping 2018.

According to the piece, the list was compiled of women who hold power and influence, who inspire and who start and contribute to important conversations. Sinead features alongside such legends as Dua Lipa, JK Rowling,  Amal Clooney and the new Duchess of Sussex.

Sinead is widely respected as an advocate for inclusive design, and her latest Ted Talk was viewed over 1.2 million times. Its only a matter of time before she becomes President. Watch this space…

Photo by David Burton

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