Have you ever seen your entire thought process summed up in a couple of doodles? Well get ready, it’s about to happen.


Nina Cosford has released a new book called “My Name Is Girl: An Illustrated Guide To the Female Mind”, in which she shows all the complexities and contradictions associated with being a girl.

Nina reckons we are all conditioned to process thoughts in a very similar way, which includes over analysing, over worrying, self-criticism, and saying one thing while meaning another.  Yeah, okay, fair enough, we all do each of those things.


She says “we’re all doing our best (in whatever way, shape or form that may take) and life can be challenging for even the strongest people. I think it’s important to try to see a funny side to most things… it always helps.”


She also reckons that social media and the need to “overshare” or create an alter-ego online is damaging girl’s self-esteem. It’s like she knows us ALL!


“There can be a major gap between our status online and our status in real life and that troubles me a bit. These girls should be caring about their self-­image and their experiences for themselves instead of for other people. Once they drop that need for validation they might start doing things for the right reasons.” Yes! thats what we keep saying too!


All of us, all day every day…..uurghh.


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