For so long the fast fashion industry has made people feel like they’re not enough, have to look a certain way and they have to dress a certain way. The fast fashion industry has made us feel like we have to keep up with the latest “trends” that they change every two weeks, they make us feel bad about our bodies by airbrushing and photoshopping models in their campaigns and by not being more inclusive of people of all different shapes and sizes. Only recently have fast fashion companies included more diverse models, only because of the demands made by the public and trying to stay politically correct, not because of their own beliefs.

Week after week I have to unfollow accounts online that I would’ve followed when I was younger that are portraying dangerous or unrealistic visions of how women should look like. I’m sick of trying to fall into the box that fast fashion has created, I’d rather be out on my own. So a couple weeks ago, in the @sustainablefashiondublin event collab with @tarastewartdj I said feck it, I am enough. I cut up an old pinafore and went to town.I don’t need to conform to what these brands are marketing towards, I don’t need to look the same way everyone else does because that’s what makes me special. If we all looked the same, and dressed the same, and thought the same things, the world would be such a boring,dull place, a place I don’t want to be involved with! 

I’ve noticed myself going out wearing things I wouldn’t usually wear and going out much more comfortably in myself because I’ve told myself I am enough. Fake it until you make it. 

Such a wonderful wholesome event and I can’t thank @sustainablefashiondublin enough for organising it, painting is good for the soul!

I urge you all to look at yourself in the mirror and chant “I am enough”, the more you say it, the more it sinks in.

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