Ok, so this video came out a month ago, and we missed it, but one of our darling readers sent it to us and thought we should share it, so here we are.

Maroon 5 released the video for their latest single “Girls like you” at the beginning of June, which features some of The US’s most respected females. The song features Cardi-B on guest vocals, and Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello and others made cameo’s in the video. Most of the women are recognised for standing up for equality, or for fighting against injustice. Special Woop Woop to Gymnast, Ali Raisman, who wears a t-shirt that says “Always speak your truth.” Ali is one of the gymnasts who testified against the US Gymnast Doctor Larry Nassar, who was found guilty of sexual misconduct earlier this year.

Watch the video here:

Here is a breakdown of all the lovely ladies featured…..

Camila Cabello: Ex Fifth Harmony singer, you may have sung along to “Havana” once or twice, or seen her support Taylor Swift in Dublin last week?

We would love to see an Irish band do their own version of this, and highlight the many amazing females we have here at home. Any takers?

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