Katie Taylor

We were all shocked to hear that Katie Taylor has been knocked out of the Olympic’s today by Finland’s Mira Potkonen, after losing 37 points to 39.

Her devastation and shock is clear in this RTE interview. Katie takes some time to compose herself before saying, “It’s very disappointing. It’s been a very tough year. So a loss this year is very very hard to take. The Olympics is a dream for me and you know I came in here prepared very well. I gave it my best shot and it just didn’t happen, sometimes the plans you have in your heart aren’t God’s plans.”


Can we just take a minute to appreciate the  accolades this woman has achieved so far and remember that she is an inspiration to the entire boxing world, and an exceptional role model for Irish girls. Always the queen in our eyes, she will surely bounce back stronger and fiercer, just like we all do when our dreams are dashed.


2012 (London): Gold

World Championships

2006 (New Delhi): Gold

2008 (Ningbo): Gold

2010 (Barbados): Gold

2012 (Qinhuangdao): Gold

2014 (Jeju): Gold

European Championships

2005 (Tonsberg): Gold

2006 (Warsaw): Gold

2007 (Vejle): Gold

2009 (Mykolaiv): Gold

2011 (Rotterdam): Gold

2014 (Bucharest): Gold

European Union Championships

2008 (Liverpool): Gold

2009 (Pazardzhik): Gold

2010 (Keszthely): Gold

2011 (Katowice): Gold

2013 (Keszthely): Gold


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