Jameela Jamil is on a crusade.

The “Good Place” actress has been calling out the beauty industry for some time (we’ve talked about this before), for setting unrealistic standards and preying on the insecurities of women who feel like they’re never good enough in order to take our money.

This week she had a go at Avon, for using a campaign that we might have thought harmless, as so much of this manipulation is subliminal at this stage that we don’t even see it coming.

Avon’s “Naked Proof” cream promises to reduce your stretch marks and blemishes so you can feel confident, which implies that, should you have stretch marks or blemishes that you have no right to feel confident?  Jameela says that companies like these are selling fear, as we can’t stop, time, age or gravity no matter how much money we spend.

This is her recent viral tweet:

And she didn’t stop there, proceeding to call a spade a manipulative, money grabbing, shameful spade.

And would you believe it, it worked! Avon backed down and removed their message, admitting that their message was “missing the mark”.

This is brilliant, a woman with a platform using it to call out all that is wrong with the world, on behalf of those of us who scream into the abyss every time we look at twitter or Instagram and see how it is out to destroy every bit of confidence or self-love we possess.

We are all beautiful, capable and worthy. Say it with us.

For extra bonus points, here’s a video of Jameela speaking about this same subject in 2008.


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