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Empowering girls to be the best versions of themselves is a vital part of the Girls Rock Dublin ethos. I met the team one sunny afternoon and came away feeling inspired and hopeful for what was to come. Girls Rock Dublin is part of a global movement, Girls Rock Camp that originally began in 2001 in Portland, Oregon. This summer,GRD are planning and holding the first ever camp in Dublin for girls aged 18-24. Although music is at the core of the camps, the mission is to help girls to reach their full potential in a fun, non-competitive environment.

The first ever camp is happening soon, from the 27th of June until the 1st of July and it’s going to be incredible. At the centre of the camp will be picking an instrument, forming a band and writing a song which will be performed on the last day. There will be people on hand to help you individually with your instruments. However this is all about building confidence and skill sharing. The camp will take place over two buildings, Sound Training College in Temple Bar and band practice will be held in Temple Lane Studios also in Temple Bar.  

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Maybe music is your passion but you’ve never gotten around to it, maybe you’ve been too scared to pick up an instrument or sing in public- this camp is for everyone at any level. Inclusion, diversity, acceptance and empowerment is the important message that the staff want to promote. This message was very clear to me after just one day spent with Niamh, Karen, Rossella and the other brilliant volunteers.

What I loved about Niamh, Rossella and Karen was how open minded and encouraging they were. They are so passionate about giving girls an opportunity to be creative and expressive in a safe environment. As women we are so often told to sit down , be quiet , don’t draw attention to ourselves- people don’t like loud girls. GRD are here to tell you that what you have to say is important and should be heard. Girls Rock aims to create a more gender balanced music scene by encouraging girls. The more positive female role models we have , the more likely girls are to believe they can do anything they put their minds to.

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The Shona Project feels the same as GRD about girls and just how powerful and incredible we can be once we believe in our abilities. You don’t have to attend the camp to be involved there are so many other ways to help. Firstly if you know anyone who would like to attend please check out the website. The GRD team are always looking for volunteers, from coaches to workshop leaders , administrative work to fundraising. There are constant updates and further information available online , just follow @girlsrockdublin on twitter,  instagram and snapchat. Changing how girls experience the world, one step at a time is imperative to further inclusion in all aspects of society. Stand up,be counted, be heard and join organisations like Girls Rock Dublin and The Shona Project so you can generate the change we all deserve.

All the details you need can be found at www.girlsrockdublin.com

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