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Firstly its normal to have hair everywhere. We all have a fine layer of hair covering our whole body. Some women have very dark hair all over as normal because of their genetic make up. If they have very dark hair and brown eyes this is more likely.All girls in their teens have a small amount of the male hormone testosterone floating around and boys have some female hormone oestrogen. Sometimes we females develop some hair in what is called a male pattern because of this. This is normal and affects at least 30% of girls.
YES ABOUT A THIRD OF GIRLS have hair in places like around their nipples, down the side of their faces, on their neck or chest and from their belly button to their groin and extending down their legs from their bikini line.
Is it normal ? Yes.

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And yet, we never see hairy women on TV. For some reason our society wrongly dictates that women must be hairless even to the extent that girls/ women are not only removing underarm and leg hair but all their bikini line hair. This is not the case in many societies where hair on women is completely acceptable. Unfortunately we do feel under pressure at times to remove unwanted hair and by shaving, plucking, bleaching, depilatory creams like Veet and waxing. Beautician treatments such as electrolysis put an electric current through a small needle pore by pore to destroy each hair individually and is suitable for small areas of any colour hair. Laser hair removal is always advertised on the radio but only works for dark hairs not fair ones. There is a cream on Prescription called Vaniqa which can be applied after any form of hair removal which slows regrowth. Finally there are also a variety of medications which can be tried including a variation of the Oral contraceptive pill called Dianette.
Sometimes excess hair in a male pattern can be from a hormone imbalance known as PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) but this is often associated with some other symptoms like irregular periods and acne. If hairiness of any sort is a problem for you please discuss it with your doctor who has seen it all before no matter how bad you think it is!

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