We’ve all seen and heard the outrage on social media this week about thousands of leaked photos of Irish females. It has once again highlighted the need for more education around consent, respect and confidentiality. Daisy has been following online, here’s what you need to know….

So… What’s Going On??

Basically, a big file was found online containing hundreds of photos of Irish women and girls that were posted without their consent. The file was made by loads of different people and the photos came from many different sources.

Why Is There an Issue?

These photos are non-consensual, and every woman and girl should be able to feel ownership over their own photos, and where those photos go. Loads of these photos were sent by girls to people who they trusted- and that trust was broken. Many photos are of girls under the age of 18- which is illegal and morally wrong.

What Can Be Done?

Essentially, there are currently no laws in place to protect women and girls from image-based sexual abuse in Ireland, and whatever laws are in place are there almost to protect the men. This shows exactly how there is still gender disparity in Ireland, and how so many issues still need to be overcome in order to create a better society for everyone.

What Can We Do?

There are petitions being circulated at the moment, to encourage changes in our laws surrounding image-based sexual abuse. You can sign one here!! :

A really important thing to do at the moment is to talk to the people around you- talk to friends and learn their experiences, talk to boys and men you know about these issues, talk to professionals if you need extra help learning about these issues, or if you feel you have been affected. The best way to overcome issues like this really is education and open conversations!

If you feel you have been affected by image-based sexual abuse, or if you feel uncomfortable about pictures you have sent or received, you are not alone! So many other people go through this, and there are so many people to talk to. Below we have linked some of these resources so please use them if you feel you would benefit from it. If you are a victim, know that this is not your fault- and there are people there always who can help.

Stay safe online, and know your rights x

The Victim’s Alliance, support those affected by IBSA, have said that they are working on a dedicated helpline for those involved in the current leak.

In the meantime, you can contact Women’s Aid 24 hours a day at 1800 341 900.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is also available to contact 24 hours a day at 1800 77 8888.

You can also call the Gardaí to report any illegal incidents.

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