Desperate times call for desperate measures my friends, so I have compiled a list of 5 things to keep yourself inside, safe, occupied and sane during the next while. So enjoy, wash your hands, stay safe and stay in touch with your loved ones– online of course 


I recently found a letter I had written to myself from the past, and let’s just say it came at just the right time. So I decided to write another one, to the me of the future. This is such a cool, easy, and interesting way to communicate with yourself, and you can spend as much or as little time on it as you want/need. Write the letter, date the envelope with a time in the future, put it in a safe place and wait. Chances are you will have completely forgotten what you’ve written by the time you open it, and who knows, you might be able to give future you some positive affirmations or the wisdom you may need but have had all along… 



This could be ANYTHING, that cupboard, your wardrobe, your camera roll, basically anything where you can hoard things. If you’re like me, you’re probably holding onto random crap you’re never gonna use or even see ever again. If you clear out clothes, try re-style, repurpose or donate them! 



This is the perfect opportunity to dig out the boxes of old photos and spend some time remembering and laughing at the atrocity that was the fashion of the 90’s. If you don’t have physical photos scroll through the timeline that are your snapchat memories or your camera roll. This could also be a really great conversation starter with family members or old friends, which I’m sure would be appreciated in our current state of affairs 


Educate yourself

Use this opportunity to finally educate yourself and learn about the things you ‘haven’t had the time’ for over the past few months. We all have those topics we wish we knew more about and wish we could join the conservation about, and isolation is the perfect time to do some reading and ask some questionsThis topic could be anything but try and pick a topic that will stimulate you creatively or intellectually in some way. Mine is to (FINALLY) figure out how the governmental system worksbut it could be something like watching that film about a historic event or working your way through some documentaries that interest you. Cause let’s be real, who doesn’t feel educated after watching a good documentary.  

trace your family tree

This is such a good way to connect with family members, especially those you may not talk to often, or haven’t seen in a while. There are so many websites to look through census records, old photographs or newspapers, so try find out as much as you can, names, dates, their jobs etc, and spend some time sifting through your family’s historyOlder relatives generally love when younger family members show an interest and love answering questions and telling stories.  Plus, it can’t be a bad thing to chat to older family members who are also probably in isolation– or may be alone, and make sure they’re okay and have whatever they need. Also a family tree can be a really fun art project to undertake with younger siblings, or older ones!!  


Remember, whilst its good to be busy and keep yourself occupied, don’t forget to take allow yourself to switch off and relax when you need to x


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