Growing Pains -By Izzy Tiernan

This gorgeous piece was kindly written for us by one of our Sambos, Izzy. The chasm between being a teenage girl and an adult in your twenties is vast, lonely, and exciting. One second, you’re lying on the couch in your family home, and your mother is making the dinner in the kitchen, the immersion

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It’s All About Perspective

Perspective is a funny thing. It’s crazy how everyone has a different view of the world around us. What we have found through growing up is that, if you think negatively, you see the world in a bad light. Nothing goes right and everyone and anything is wrong. But, if you think positively, the world

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When Friendship Twinning copying gets out of hand

When Friendship Twinning Gets Out Of Hand

We’ve all heard the old phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, right? It may sound like something out of ye olde times, but it still actually makes sense. Let’s put it this way… Have you ever gotten your mitts on a pair of trainers that you have literally been wanting your whole life,

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debs - pop art

How To Have The Best Debs Ever

The debs is a rite of passage for Irish teens. It’s the night that you spend years of secondary school thinking about and planning with your friends. And then it suddenly comes around and it can all feel a little bit overwhelming. After experiencing my own debs and running Debs Week on for a

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The Amazing Story of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has had a profound effect on so many of us. Her poems, songs, books and speeches have lifted the hearts and minds of so many. Oprah herself considered Maya to be a mentor and called her “Mother”. Before Angelou passed away in 2014 aged 86, she told Oprah the amazing story of how

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We Won The European Citizen’s Prize

This is the kind of news we like to see! We are thrilled to win the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize and incredibly grateful to @graceforeurope and @macmanus_sinnfein_sligo for the recognition 👏 The Shona Project is more than a nonprofit organisation, it is a movement for change where every girl in Ireland has a part to play in creating a

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The Many Terms of Sexuality and Gender

We’re generally not into labels because everyone is different and unique. We shouldn’t need to find a box that we fit neatly inside so that everyone knows and understands us. As a society we’re changing rapidly, trying to find new ways to respect and protect each other. And that’s a good thing. When it comes

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Why You Should Adopt Body Neutrality This Summer

Body, body, body. What comes to mind when you read that word? Perhaps sports,  health, doctors, or perhaps something far more likely: weight. Why? Diet culture. That”s why. The best way I can describe diet culture is this: it seeps. Snapchat ads of bellies flattening, bottoms rounding, hips thinning, and thighs narrowing. TikTok videos encourage

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Why Do My Breasts Get Sore Just Before A Period?

People who menstruate really are true champs. We deal with everything from leaking to severe back pain, all while participating in everyday life like it’s nothing. How do we do it every month? With menstruating, there are often the normal conversations about back pain and= stomach pain. One thing that not everyone talks about however is

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how to make friends

Six Ways To Find Your People

Making new friends can be tough, especially in big schools where it seems like everyone already knows and gets on with everyone else. From the outside it looks like everyone else finds it easy, and that you are the only one struggling. Trust us when we say that this is not the case. All around

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Period Poverty

What Is Period Poverty?

Periods are a normal bodily function, experienced by about half of the world’s population every month. And yet, we still struggle to be upfront and have open conversations about how they affect our lives. Period products, like pads and tampons, can be expensive and can put people under serious financial pressure. ‘Period poverty’ refers to

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Top 10 Random Acts of Kindness

The world can seem like a dark and scary place at times. I’m sure we are not the only people who wake up, check their phone, and sees bad news stories one after another. This negativity then impacts us for the day, whether we realise it or not. This post is not one of those

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Is Transition Year Worth Doing?- By Abbie

This article was written by Abbie, one of our amazing Junior Ambassadors, or as we like to call them Jambo’s! Abbie has kindly written this article to share her experience of taking part in Transition Year. Hopefully, Abbie’s story makes the decision a bit easier for anyone out there who may be struggling on whether

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Environment helping

Small Changes To Help The Environment

  There has never been a more critical time to talk about our environment. With so much conversation around the topic, it can be very difficult to know how you can help by doing your part and where to start with it all. It can be extremely overwhelming, so the first thing to remember is

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Best study notes

How To Take The Best Study Notes

For some people taking notes and writing things down is the only way to really retain information. You could stare at your teacher scribbling away on a whiteboard all day, but none of what they’re talking about is going to sink in until you put pen to paper yourself. If you just read that paragraph

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Benefits Of Journaling For Improving Focus

Ah, journaling. Something we all know is really good for us. But, it can’t be just us that have tried to start a million different times, but we always seem to fall at the first hurdle. If you are like us, you sit there looking at a blank page thinking “what the heck am I

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Galentine's Day

Happy Galentine’s Day!

February, the month of love and chocolates, and apparently, the month of made-up holidays! Move over Valentine’s day, there’s a new ‘fake’ holiday in town and it’s called Galentine’s Day! While Valentines Day, February 14th, is a lovely way to celebrate your other half, in recent years this new phenomenon has come along that encourages gathering

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Are you being bullied? Here’s what we want you to know.

Bullying. It is something that should have been eradicated the moment it first reared its ugly face. Unfortunately, it still exists and probably will exist forever. The good news is, there are ways to get out of a situation where you are being bullied. If you find yourself in one of those situations here are

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