1. Remind yourself of everything that your body allows you to do. Remember that your body is more than arrangement of skin, but a beautiful machine that will carry you wherever your life takes you.
  2. Critique what you see in the media. The beauty industry would have you believe that to be lovable you must slather yourself with 367 different types of serums, creams and lotions. They make millions from it. Someone smart once said, “In a Society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act.” Be a rebel.
  3. All those accounts you follow on Instagram that make you hate yourself? Get rid of them. Follow smart & strong ladies who inspire and empower you to be your best self. And remember, your best self should be allowed to eat cake.
  4. Accept compliments. The next time someone tells you you look amazing, or they like your eyes, or you have a lovely smile, don’t rush to brush it off. Just say “Thank you” and enjoy the moment.
  5. Loose the haters: Those Instagram accounts you unfollowed in step 3? Now lets do the real life version. That ‘friend’ who told you you’d find love if you lost just a few pounds? The boyfriend who tells you you ‘used to be fit’. They were right, you could loose some weight- that dead weight you’ve been hanging around with for way too long. Cut them loose.
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others. That girl in your class with the legs for days you wish you had? We bet she wishes she had your fabulous hair. Shake what your Mama gave you.
  7. Be kind to your body. Put your hand on your heart, go on, we’ll wait….. Do you feel your heart beating? That same heart has beaten every second of every day since your little baba eyes opened for the first time. It beats when you are asleep, when you are crying, when you dance, when you laugh. Be kind to that heart,  its got your back, you’ve got to have its back too. Be your own best friend.

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