SHONA Design Competition Winners

As many of you may know, we ran 2 competitions over the month of May. One of those was a design competition where we worked with our amazing friends at The Wonderkind, who are launching a new range of beautiful badges, each featuring an inspiring female designed by one of you! We had hundreds of entries and

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SHONA Writing Competition Winner

As many of you may know, we ran 2 competitions over the month of May. One of those was a writing competition where we aimed to amplify your voices and give the girls of Ireland a platform to share their stories. We had hundreds of entries and the talent displayed absolutely blew our minds! You

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The Shona Heroes- Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson is an icon in Irish history, as the first woman to become President.  After serving most of her term, she left the role in 1997 to become the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and ever since, she has worked tirelessly to make the world a better place. In fact, we were gifted

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10 Movies That Hit You Right In The Feels

We love nothing more than a good movie! And especially those that hit us right in our feels. The movie doesn’t necessarily have to be sad, just something that hits you emotionally, something you can relate to, or something that makes you think about your role in the world differently. Whether those feelings are good,

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amanda stenberg 1

The Shona Heroes: Amandla Stenberg

If you’re a Hunger Games fan, you’ll already know Amandla Stenberg. She played the adorable Rue and was awarded a Teen Choice award for her performance. Amandla has been acting since the age of 12 and has been an activist for almost as long. Her journey to becoming a true role model for us all

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Let’s Talk About Sex!

It’s time to talk about the ‘S’ Word. So, let’s do it! In the olden days (as in, the ’90s and forever before that), young people were expected to figure out sex and all it entails without ever talking about it. This meant that they had all sorts of assumptions and expectations that weren’t particularly

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Megan Rapino 5

The Shona Heroes- Megan Rapinoe

This name may ring a bell as Megan Rapino is a professional soccer player who captains the United States, national team. She holds the title of The Best FIFA Women’s play from 2019 and helped her team win gold at the 2020 London Summer Olympics, 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup, and 2019 FIFA Women’s World

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Do You Like Likes Too Much?

We don’t know when or how it happened, it kinda snuck upon us. Life used to be about living wild and free, pursuing freedom, happiness, love and contentment. Now it’s pretty much all about pursuing those likes. Did you ever hear the saying, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it

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yara shahidi

The Shona Heroes- Yara Shahidi

While you may not recognise her name right off the bat, Yara actually stars as the oldest daughter, Zoey Johnson in the popular sitcom Blackish. She is a young actress, model, and activist. Her role as Zoey tackled issues of class and race and was the beginning of a new wave of diverse programming. This

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How To Find Your People and Make Your Tribe

We live in a world where people value the quantity and not the quality of people in your life. The social media world tells us that we need to rate ourselves and each other based on the number of followers or the number of likes we get. THIS IS WRONG. One good friend is worth 100 bad ones (or

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Getting Behind The Wheel

Driving. It sounds like such a cool idea. The excitement of getting to 17, when you can finally get your paws on the little green card that lets you hit the open road – accompanied by a fully licensed driver of course! (Sorry to pop your bubble there!). Dreams of you and your friends piling

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SHONA Summer School 2021

Having time off from school is usually amazing! But this year we’ve missed out on so much, we’re thirsty for new opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and celebrate who we are as young women. How about you? For the second year, The Shona Project is offering the girls of Waterford an inspirational

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Presentation Butterflies? Here’s what you can do!

Standing up at the top of a class, looking down onto all of your classmates, or eyeballing them over Zoom can be daunting. For many of us, those butterflies in your belly decide to have a dance party, your mouth gets dry and your heart starts racing. Yep, we’ve all been there. Public speaking of

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Open Minded: Understanding Anxiety with Kendall Jenner.

We’ve all been guilty of being far too invested in the Kardashian clan. From the fueds, to the extravagant houses and parties to the catastrophe of losing diamond earrings in the sea, we’ve been Keeping up with the Kardashians for years now. ( See what we did there?). We all have a favourite and ours

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love your body

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

We are often told that we should love the body that we are in, to embrace our curves and how strong is the new skinny.  But do we actually follow/ believe this advice or do we still focus on the areas of our bodies we want to change? The following 5 steps might help you become

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10 Genuinely Interesting Facts about Periods

With the amazing announcements from both Lidl and Careplus Pharmacy recently,  in their bids to try and help end period poverty, we thought it would be fitting to share some weird and wacky facts about periods with you. Because as weird and all as our periods are, hold on to your knickers because things are

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Free by Megan

Over the past year, hearing people say they miss their freedom was something I honestly couldn’t fully relate to. I knew that when lockdown ends I’d still have restrictions placed on my life, by me. I haven’t felt free in a long time. I gave myself guidelines to live by that always created a barrier

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