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BelongTo is an amazing organisation that provides support for young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Ireland. If you know someone who is trans or non-binary, you probably want to be supportive, but maybe have some questions and are afraid to ask in case you cause offense. This week, BelongTo have released a series of videos in which the trans and non-binary community and their families share their stories in order to start some open and honest conversations.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Gender identity is who you are, and sexuality is who you are attracted to.
  • Theres no one way to be trans.
  • Names and pronouns are important to trans people, if you’re not sure, use ‘they’ or ‘them’ (its okay to make mistakes, as long as you try).
  • Allies and supportive people are very important to the trans community (and we should all try to be allies).
  • Don’t ask a trans person something you wouldn’t be comfortable answering yourself.
  • Bathrooms can be difficult for trans people, and some schools are starting to introduce gender neutral bathrooms, which is cool.

Watch the videos below.


You can find more information at BelongTo or Teni.

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