TV Advertising is big business, and its really amazing when big brands use their advertising time to send a message and inspire. Here are a few of our favourites.


  1. This one shows that we pick up our insecurities from our Mothers. All our bodies, and our Mother’s, are awesome.


2. This one shows that as girls we are told not to explore or get dirty. Hey ladies, get stuck in!


3. Misty Copeland is living proof that being told you will never make it pushes some of us even further.


4. Have you seen this already? Give it another go.


5. Proving once and for all that strong is the new skinny..


6.Get you freak on with these real ass jiggly bellied queens

7. Not to sure about this one, as it is for barbie, the ultimate body image lie, but its cute all the same..

8. This one will make you want to go kick ALL the asses.

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