We love a fresh new month, and we think this is a perfect time to set ourselves a list of rules for the month. These don’t have to be strict rules, think of them more as a set of guidelines that we can follow to try to improve our lifestyle and mood.


Getting lost on social media.

We think this is something we are all guilty of. With many of us working from home, we spend most of our days tied to our computers and our phones and as a result of this, we can lose hours of our day on social media. Well, this stops now! Or, well at least we’re cutting it down. We think that everyone needs to cut down their screen time and focus on other activities. While we realise that social media is important for connecting at the moment, we also think that conversations with family and friends are equally good for us.

Getting Cabin Fever.

This month, we’re going to spend more time outside. No more trying to remember ‘when was the last time I left the house?’ With the weather improving, we think we all need to spend more time outside getting that vitamin D. Try to set yourself a step challenge or move your lunchtime outside. If you have space, maybe you could move your workstation outside and get some fresh air while tackling the list of things you need to get done.

Being mean to ourselves.

This stops now! No more being self-deprecating. You have lived through a worldwide pandemic and there is no need for you to be so harsh on yourself. This month, we’re all about positivity. Good vibes only, please. Try to switch every negative thought for two positives. Look at solutions to things that are bothering you and work on being kinder to yourself.

Stop ignoring our mental health.

Again, we think this is super important. Our mental health is so important, more so at the moment. Things are tough and we are all fed up with the current situation. Set boundaries with work, whether it be schoolwork or your job. Don’t reply to messages after a certain time, set yourself cut-off times, and allow yourself some time for the things you love. Practice meditation or 60 seconds of calm. We think it’s so important to find what works for you and to run with it!

Stop fearing change.

Change is so scary, but we think we need to embrace it. We are all strong survivors, and we will overcome and adapt to anything that comes our way. Spending time fretting over potential changes in life is a waste of time as there’s no point crossing bridges before you come to them. It’s just wasted energy. From now on, we’re manifesting positive changes in our lives and we’re going to embrace them fully. Not all change is bad, and we need to learn to look on the bright side.

While this is the list that we’re going to be working on this month, we’re going to cut ourselves slack if we slip up. Make some simple clear goals and work towards self-improvement and happiness. You’ve got this!

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