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You know that phones are not just good for sending your friend snaps of you doing ‘pigface’, right? Although those are always funny.

There are lots of apps out there to help you study, we have picked the best ones for you.

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Sraith Pictiúr
(iPad/iPhone, Android, free)
Ah the oul Sraith, impossible repitition of stories you’ll be hearing in your dreams for years to come. This app is broken down into simple discussions, vocab and handy phrases. Really good quality app made by good teachers. This app will get you through.
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IXL Maths Practice
(iPad/iPhone, Android, free)
The is possibly the best maths app for Irish Student as it carefully tracks the core curriculum from junior infants right through to sixth year of secondary school. Five-year-olds will count the number of dots on the screen, while those in fifth year will be looking at logarithms and trigonometry. The basic app is free, but you can pay for extra benefits. An investment in your future!
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(iPad/iPhone, Android, free)
Classical music is proven to increase productivity and this apps has chosen music specifically proven to do just that. It claims to increase users’ attention spans by up to 400 per cent by increasing focus through playing particular types of music at just the right time. The damn think tricks you into learning more!
Image result for now do this appNowdothis
(Android, free)
This app helps you organise tasks by allocating you a certain time for each one. You allocate how much time you want to dedicate and it counts you down with a satisfying ding at the end. Everyone loves a well earned ‘ding’ ammirite?
Image result for duolingo appDuoLingo
(iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows: free)
This is one of the best free apps out there. You need it if you are studying a language or not. It teaches you words and phrases in a variety of languages;  French, German, Latin-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Irish. Language ‘sticks’ if you use it regularly and this make is more interesting than reading an Irish English Dictionary. I mean it give you (vitual) trophies! Tout le Fruit!
And finally as an extra treat, this won’t help you study, per se.  But it will motivate and inspire you. We start every day with a Ted talk here at shona.ie
Image result for ted appTED
(iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, Kindle)

The worlds brightest and best minds deliver short (10-15 minute) talks on almost anything you ever imagined. There are some talks here on science, business, history & technology, but also, there are some really good talks here about just existing as a human. You will shout ‘hell yeah!’ after watching 90% of the content on this app.

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