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Most of us girls have a negative opinion of our bodies. Many of us admit that we are fighting a constant battle to keep up with the unrealistic expectations that society puts on us to be perfect. Our culture views our bodies as ornaments and not amazing wonders of nature to be used as tools to run, dance, hug, learn, kiss, explore, eat, sing and love. Most of us will never attain that “perfect” ideal, but will make ourselves miserable trying, not going out because we’re having a ‘fat’ day. Not eating that amazing chocolate cake, or eating the cake but feeling guilty afterwards. Many of us will not lie on a beach with the sun on our bellies, because we feel too self conscious to wear a bikini.

For too many of us (up to 200,000 in Ireland), these feelings will result in an eating disorder, and put our lives at risk. Lately we’ve seen a rise in ‘body positivity’ movements, and while its great to see the tide start to turn, we still have a very long way to go.

Emily battled anorexia for ten years before she finally overcame it. Herself and her body have been through a lot together. She says “We’ve known each other for 23 years, but because of me you’ve lived 100 lives.” In the video below, she reads a letter that she wrote to her body, asking for forgiveness, and letting go.

Watch it in full here…..

You can always get more information on this issue at Bodywhys.

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