In an ideal world, The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre would not exist. Because rape and sexual assault wouldn’t exist. 

Unfortunately it does, and they do. We are massive admirers of the important work that the DRCC do. This week, they asked for our support, so we give it wholeheartedly.

See below details of their #16days campaign, and information on how you can help. 

The DRCC invite you to join us in our efforts to create a better, safer society by eliminating sexual violence in Ireland.

Over the last few months, our news has been dominated by headlines relating to sexual violence –revelations of sexual assaults by high-profile celebrities, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children and numerous examples of victim blaming.  These news items have led to an unprecedented demand for our services, and demonstrate that our work to prevent sexual violence is needed now more than ever.

For these 16 Days, will be running a strategic Campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence in Ireland. Our Twitter and web-based Campaign will cover a broad range of topics, from survivor stories to responding to harassment in the workplace, to reminders about the services DRCC offer to survivors.

We are also seeking to raise €16,000 during this Campaign. The funding will be used to support our National 24-Hour Helpline, our counselling services and our efforts to eliminate sexual violence through campaigning, research and education.

You can help us create a better, safer society in Ireland by supporting our Campaign. 

How You Can Help

Here are some ways in which you can help us spread the word by:

  • Attend our 16 Days Campaign Launch at approx. 5pm at the Mansion House as we join the global campaign & turn Dublin Orange!
  • During the 16 Days Campaign make sure to like, retweet and share our social media posts to help us to get #16Days2017 out there to the public
  • Make sure if tweeting to use our campaign messaging and #16Days2017 hashtags
  • Spread the word about our 16 Days Campaign to your community and networks
  • Circulate our crowd funding link to anyone you think will consider donating to the DRCC – https://mysplink.com/drcc/16days
  • Like and follow our DRCC Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/dublinrapecrisiscentre/


All of us at The Shona Project wish our friends at the DRCC the very best of luck, and thank you for getting involved in any way you can. x

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